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Knives/Bowie Knives

Jim Bowie (1776 to 1836) an adventurer, businessman and farmer in Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. He also went to serve at the battle of New Orleans but before arriving the war was over.

Until his death a the Alamo his ability with a knife was ledgendary. The ledgend began with the famious Sandbar fight in 1827. After being wounded Bowie repeled serveral people in the now legendary knife fight.

The actual origin and style of the Famous Bowie knife is not clear. However, the original Bowie knife was given to him by his brother Rezin in 1826. The most noted version of the Bowie knife was one made by James Black in 1831, which Bowie carried at the Alamo. Many Bowie Knives have been and are now being designed.